Tuesday, September 7, 2010


On any given Sunday, 35% of St. Andrew's worships together. 65% are elsewhere. I wonder where they are. I am always here except for a few vacation Sundays. I don't get out much (on Sundays.) I wonder what my "children" are up to? Sometimes they are sick or their hearts are broken. I often find out later. Sometimes they just skip church. Facebook lets me know many times what they are up to at 10 am on Sunday. Many get very few weekends off from work or carpooling. Sometimes they get a much deserved Sabbath with friends or family. Sometimes they sleep in. Work is hard. I pray they know God and that they know peace.


I love my "children." Few call me "Father" but all are my children.  Often, I get very proud of them and their triumphs, both secular and sacred. I worry about some. I want every one of them to have a rich spiritual life and I know that includes worship. I hope I lead something on Sunday that lifts the spirit, challenges the will, soothes the soul and feeds the mind. We need that.


I love my "children."


Have you told someone you have not seen in a while that you missed them and love them? Do you have those you love outside your family who you know well enough to miss and love enough to contact?


As the end of life gets closer and the beginning gets farther away, the richness of relationships sustains the day more than any achievement, portfolio or diversion. I hope you are rich today.


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