Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Job (as in employment)

God doesn't want something from us. He simply wants us - C.S. Lewis



Some days are a grind. Even, I must admit, some days in God's vineyard, are a grind. I mean, there is so much to do, so much he expects. I have a lot to do for him. I mean, the world doesn't look any better than yesterday. Lotta work to be done.


How did I get to a place of working for God (working my butt off, thank you very much) from one of loving him as a kid with little to offer? I think I let the culture inform my faith rather than the other way around.


Lewis is correct. God has everything. God can get everything. God is in the thing making business. He makes things out of nothing. However, there is one thing God does not have always, me (and you.) God is a lover and not a forcer. He yearns for us. Do we yearn for him? Or just punch a clock for him?


When I love God, really love him, I naturally do certain things out of that love. I do this for Christine and the kids and the grand kids. Maybe I did it for you once.


Our busy is successful (valid) culture seeps into my pores each day. I begin to feel and think that God will accept me more if I earn my keep. Maybe earn so much that I have a little credit going into tomorrow.


How sad. Like a genuine father, he loves us even when we are at our worst and do nothing at all. I can get so busy doing "godly" things that I forget to love God (out of which the required things will come.)


Worship is where we yearn for God. Sunday worship can be that place or a place that is "yearn-free." A daily time with God can be a yearning place or an appointment akin to one for a root canal.


May you yearn today for the God who yearns for you. Out of that, just the right things will come and you will be at peace as well. Resign your God-job today.


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