Thursday, September 16, 2010

That’s Just Perfect

I'm not perfect. And…, well…, sorry…, neither are you. Deep down, we know that. But up front, well, we put on a front.


The paradox is that we know we are not perfect yet cannot accept it. Those of us who are well adjusted let others off the hook when they are not perfect. Still, we just cannot bring ourselves to let ourselves off the hook when we are not perfect.


"Perfect" is a GREAT ideal, a GREAT goal. If we have no mark set before us, we miss it every time. But a goal or a standard is just that, a measuring stick for our behavior, not a way to measure our worth. We falsely believe that our imperfect activity diminishes our worth. It does not.


Why not? 


#1 – Jesus' death and resurrection are about claiming and purifying imperfect people. God evidently loves 'em and has a plan for our imperfections


#2 – Our worth is not based on us (our activity) but on God. We get our worth because God says so. You and I are beloved (if not wayward) children made in God's image.


#3 – God's plan is to renew the earth with imperfect people. He can use us as we are. We do not have to be perfect to be fruitful. The bible is full of imperfect, fruitful people (Abraham, Jacob, Rahab, David, Peter, Paul)


Here's the deal. Give your imperfections to God and work with God to become perfectly YOU.

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