Tuesday, September 28, 2010


What makes a leader? People who claim leadership or command our follower-ship seem to be a mixed bag. Some leaders talk a lot, appeal to our feelings in order to get elected but leave us empty. Some swagger and glow in fame and money, allowing us vicarious glimpse of their life. Others fill pulpits in order to benefit themselves and the cult of personality, even exploiting the very people Jesus held dear – the poor, widows, and children. And a few lord it over others, barking orders, using manipulation and control. And some lead like Jesus.


All of us have to lead. Some more than others. Jesus taught to lead by serving. He listened a lot. He had no swagger and few possessions. He traveled light. He had no pulpit and was hated enough to be done away with. He sought out those deemed "losers."


The economy of Jesus' leadership was 'the last is first and the first will be last." He washed feet. He gave his life to 12 very frustrating rabbinical drop-outs. He was focus on a vision of a better world. He called it "The Kingdom." He had very strict standards, which he salted with generous helpings of forgiveness.


Who will you follow today? What kind of leader are they? Truly? How will you lead when called?

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