Sunday, January 9, 2011


I am not sure if the world is more frustrating or that I am more sensitive (grouchy?) but I find I get angry more often. Life seems less civil and, at times, less caring. Opinions seem uniformed and every opinion gets verbalized.


The Bible tells me to be angry but not to sin. Jesus says that my anger can be tantamount to murder if directed at someone. Yet, Jesus seemed pretty pissed off when he encountered the moneychangers in the Temple. More than once, Jesus and Paul seem a bit frustrated with followers. God gets pretty testy about our treatment of outcasts. So, what do I do with my anger? After all, it is an honest feeling. (Isn't it?)


Some things come to mind. First, I think I am meant to be angry at the things that make God angry. Things like overlooking the plight of those in need. Second, I cannot let my anger become a lifestyle. This means that anger is my god. If God is love, anger is not a primary faith expression. If there is angry always brewing under the surface, I need to look at its source. It is probably not a healthy one. Lastly, I need to let my anger find constructive means of expression. This usually means that I need to think about it before speaking. James says that the tongue ignites all sorts of "forest fires." The tongue needs to be curbed.


I am going to examine the roots of my anger, try to be slow to express it and in directing it at a person, and focus on the things (situations) that make God mad. No small task but one that may make the Kingdom a little closer. Pray for me. Join me.


Anger is the feeling that makes your mouth work faster than your mind. Evan Esar

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