Sunday, January 23, 2011

Church is a Verb

I got a very pretty Christmas card this past year depicting a cozy little snow-covered Gothic church in the woods. It was inviting even if you were not Christian.


There is a notion (my grandmother's favorite word) that church is about refuge. That church is a place to "get away" from the bad, old world or, at least, a world that has tired us out. I would not want to lose that sense of refuge.


Too often, however, it stops there. Church is to make me comfortable. I want to stay safe. Comfort originally meant to strengthen or fortify. That is how it is used in scripture (Isaiah 40:1)


Jesus' last words (Matthew 28:19) include, "Go."  We are comforted in order to carry out our unique mission as a Church and as individuals.


How (Where?) are you going for Christ today? How will you make Church a verb?

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