Monday, January 31, 2011

The Gospel of Matthew if he tweeted a chapter a day

1-Jesus is Messiah-Paternal genealogy back to Abraham- Mary pregnant- Angel visits Joseph. "It's all good, name him Immanuel."


2-Herod-no competitors! Magi w/gifts-Tell family-flee! All skip town. Herod mad. Kills boys-Herod dies-J Family returns


3-John Baptist-repent! Granola lifestyle.Quizzed by relig. dudes-John makes em mad-Change ways! Jesus baptzd-God pleazd

4-Jesus tested by devil to misuse gifts. Jesus good. Devil gives up. Jesus preachz. Fulfils prophcy. Calls followers. Heals sick

5-SermonOnMount. It's about followin, not talkin. B salt & light 2 world! Law still valid but view it through eyes of luv.

6-RU a spiritual hypocrit?-help needy-short prayrs best-Lord's Pryr a "howto"-You pik:serve God or your stuff-worry less-seek Kingdm

7-Judging othrs bakfires-ask God-skip ez route-not evry1 who speaks 4 God does-tru followers do as God asks-build life on solid grnd

8-Outcasts clean-Roman has mor faith thn Chosen-following J costly, not ez-Disciples faith puny-demons leave man, sent 2 pigs

9-J forgivs man-relig dudes mad-J calls sinners, J sez 2 all: get yur mind on straight-trust in J heals-few ans call 2 follw

10-J sends The 12-Go 2 Jews only-travel lite-say God's Realm near-offer peace but will be hard on u-don't fear-u r me- hang on:reward!

11-J fails relig expectations-J sez:look at fruit not form!-Baptizer prepares-change ways-Jsus: woe 2 hard harted-C me,see Father

12-J Lrd of God's time-J c's self as Isaiahlike Servnt-relig folk say J the devil-J sez judge fruit of actions not looks

13-Kingdom stories-God's Realm worth all-appeals to seekers-baffles others-a little K yields bumper crop-hold off judging crop

14-John loses hed | compassion heals | 5k fed w/ resources @ hand | Jsus prays | Discples afraid | Jsus encourages trust

15-Godz will trumps religus fussynss | Jesus' way ofends religus leadrs | faith mor import thn religus pedigree | 4k fed

16-Relig dudes need sign-R U 4 real Jsus?-relig foofoo no substitute for leaning on God-Peter's faith both a rock&shaky

17-Jsus shows BFF's tru self-BFF get weak kneed-Peter wants 2 build theme park-Jsus reminds:not memorials but risk heals

18-Greatest r servants | clear away everything that hinders service | work out differences faithfully, NOW | 4give-no limit!

19-Status Quo'ers rationliz a "pass" 4 sins-Childlik trust opns heavn-Follow X bettr thn dogooderism-Listn up! Last 1st

20-God not fair, prefers 2 reach all | Disciplshp no picnic | Discipls  dense, fit X in2 their expectatons | dn-and-outers get it

21-J hailed fave son-angry w/priorties of "religus"-Real faith heals-authorties burn-God's kids do as asked-religus mad

22-God's favor:low membrshp threshold/hi disciplshp expectations - dont blow it!- Relig dudes lay trap-It's all abt luv

23-Relig busybodies R showboatrs-No, servants r 1st-Dont B caretakr of religion, you'll lose out & hurt others-God Primo

24-Discipls:we R confusd, what's up?-Jess: bad news B4 gd-Will get worse-EZ (faithlss) answrs will B offered- Hang w/Me

25-#Life God's Way is this: It's there for the prepared, Use it or lose it, That person in front of you is #Christ

26-J prepard 4 death-betrayd-J sez gd bye ovr a sacred meal: Consume me & world not consume U-Jesus prays-arrested-Peter denies

27-Judas shuns blood $, kills self-Pilate duz wats expedient 2 save hide-Xify him!-J Xifed-Outsidr gets it-body entombd

28-J Alive:dont b afraid-men vanish/women presnt-resurrectd J tels followrs: dont wallow in moment-Go!-Make mor-I M /u

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