Thursday, January 27, 2011

Right or Expedient?

In the Gospels, Caiaphas and Pilate follow the expedient course. That is, they focus on the path to immediate benefit or the path of least resistance or both. What will produce the best "bottom line" for now?


Jesus talks about the freedom of the truth and the actions of the righteous, both of which have their roots in God. I cannot produce either but I can live into both.


In many, if not most, cases, "expedient" leads us away from God and "right" leads us towards God. I do not mean "right" as in "I am right!" I mean "right" as in the path that leads towards God. The narrow door.


We live a double standard here. As I listen to our political discourse (which can happen in Washington or Houston,) we demand that people tickle our ears with immediate benefits while demanding that they be of no cost to us.


o       Reduce big government but keep me safe from everything


o       Cut taxes but do not mess with my entitlements


o       Make health care affordable and wide-spread but let me choose who, how, when and what.


o       Promise better things that cost me nothing


You can come up with your own. Christ made short-term decisions based on a long-haul vision. This produces a much different outcome from creating long-term consequences from short-term expediencies.


Today, may I shun the expedient and yearn for what is right. May I struggle with a myriad of polar opposites by asking God for direction. May I be willing to pay the short-term cost for the long term prize. May I seek truth and embrace righteousness. May I see how my life choices affect others.

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