Tuesday, January 25, 2011


What do the details of your life say about God? They never say nothing. How do you spend your time and money (stewardship?) Would your checkbook and date book lead people to believe you embrace a loving and generous God who takes time to rest and believes the best things in life are not things but relationships?


Do you know the NFL standings, who was nominated for an Oscar, what the Kardashians are up to as well as the lyrics to just about every popular song but know next-to-no scripture: God's Word?


Have you driven a child to succeed at (and to) every sport or activity AND nurtured them to spend time with God each day and practice their faith in sacrificial ways to the extent they practice piano or the curve ball? Are you and your family prepared for eternity as well as the weekend get-away?


Have you retired from work and from God? Been there, done that? Abraham didn't get started (and start over) till he was pushing 100. The people of God observe Sabbath but never retire from ministry.


God does not ask us to give up life. Rather, God asks that our life point towards Him. That our life reflects his values so others may know Him and seek life in Him.


Does the manner in which you live elicit from you and others joy and hope? That's what God had planned.

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