Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Reaction or Revelation?

Each day, I attempt to get my agenda to conform to God's. This means connection with God in a way that God can reveal what is or isn't his will. Now, I do not get bolts of lightning or clouds that part to reveal secret hidden messages. Mostly, I get blessed ordinariness. I try to launch each day with a mix scripture immersion, prayer infusion, friend guidance, and repetitive presence. What I try not to do is simply react all day. Satan loves me to react, shoot from the hip, and stay busy with tasks that do not further the Kingdom.


Scripture Immersion – Rather than "proof texting" (which is often an attempt to control a situation I am reacting to,) I immerse myself and each day in truths which need to be revealed because I would not have thought of them myself. The scripture may have no direct application for the moment. I visit the Word, "just because."


Prayer Infusion – I shut up (okay, as best as I can) and listen. God has heard my laundry list of "to do's" I have given him all day long. I may get a hint, inkling, a nudge or nothing at all. God may be working "behind the scenes." I figure he knows best.


Friend Guidance – I listen to my soul friends and even strangers. What is the text under what is being said? Where do they direct me? A detour may be in order.


Repetitive Presence – I hang in there and do this without really knowing the mechanics of how God pulls off influencing me or communicating with me. The trajectory of my life may change imperceptibly to me but may, in fact, raise the dead (me or others.)


A foundation is laid upon which to build a day or a life. Keep building. No need to spend the day reacting. I have a home base from which I can live empowered.


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