Monday, January 10, 2011


Burned out? Run out of gas? If so, don't you want to find someone (something) to blame? I know I like nothing better than to find the source of my problems outside myself. Yet, I know this is a lie. Here is the truth.


I get burned out because I am engaging in one or more of the following


I am operating outside my passion zone. God made us passionate about some things and not so much about others. I will "go to the Cross" willingly if I have a passion. I will just resign myself (and complain a lot) if guilt or pressure or expectations are my reason for doing what I do. Sometimes, passions change. Things I was passionate about in my 30's don't move me in my 60's. It is okay to put a "passion" to rest.


I am not answering a call from God.  All of us have a calling, both in church and secularly. God fuels calls. We are here for a reason (probably for many of them.) Answering a call fulfills our very being. A call completes us. A job, empties. Calls are impossible without God's help. Too often, we stop relying on God for help.


I cannot say "No." The Messiah has come and he ain't you (or me.) Some things, as good as they are, are not ours to do. Satan loves nothing more than to sideline a follower of Jesus by encouraging her/him to "do it all." God's not puny but we are. He has what we cannot get to covered.


Consider you passion and your call today. I hope you have both and both breathe life into you.

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