Wednesday, January 12, 2011


When the solution is simple, God is answering Albert Einstein


When you pray, do you assume like I do that the answer from God will be (or needs to be) a big, complex, hard to do answer that causes our spirit and minds to break into a sweat?


Elijah heard that God's response can be in a whisper or, as one translation puts it, "in the sound of sheer silence." I have found that God can just as easily respond to me in a hunch, a friend's random comment, a situation I find myself in, the dog, a sunset and more. God is the God of the entire Universe. God uses everything to communicate with us. I never hear words, but some do. I get "pictures" but most I have talked to have never had that experience. I have yet to know of anyone who got the proverbial lightning bolt (but admit it, you really do yearn for something that clear that it bowls you over.)


Some words from God come right out of my daily scripture reading. Some come over a long period of time and build to a crescendo. But, while they are building, I could have sore nothing was going on.


Sometimes, I think God's word is, "I don't know, try what you think is best and follow the fruit." Other times, I think God wants me to know him so well that I know what God is thinking, just as in the case of a close friend who need not utter a word.


God is speaking to you and me. Let's not overwork it.

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