Thursday, January 20, 2011


On most days, I want to do what God wants. I have been around the block enough times to know that I will get no lightening bolt or handwriting on the wall (or, at least, not yet.) For that matter, few if any, decisions have no downside or no alternative. No slick formulas.


I think we get paralyzed when we wait for all things to point directly at one and only one course of action. Here is what I have learned. What about you?


  1. Without daily time with God in his Revealed Word (the Bible) and His Intimate Word (Prayer,) I will wander off into oblivion.
  2. Without weekly time in God's Incarnate Word (the local church,) I will put "oblivion" in my rearview mirror.
  3. God gives the gift of Faith to fill in the gaps between "Hmmm, I wonder" and "Do it!" There will ALWAYS be gaps, so I will always need Faith (Hence #1 and #2)
  4. There is more than one answer to "What should I do?" God points me to Life and Life has many paths. God, in effect, says, "That way is good and so is this one. You choose."
  5. God forgives me when the fruit of my actions point to the reality that I leaped without Him in the mix.
  6. People who peddle formulas of always know what God specifically wants scare me.


Get your life in sync (harmony) with what God is doing and the specifics will take care of themselves.

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