Saturday, January 15, 2011


I had the privilege to minister with two people who had the same debilitating injury at the same time. I notice that they approached their recovery differently. Both prayed. But they went opposite ways after that.


One followed every painful, if not scary, step of rehabilitation. The other avoided or "forgot" rehab. The first weathered near term pain to regain full mobility in short order. The second experienced the long term pain of being less-than-mobile only to have to start all over again with rehab in earnest.


We talk "safety" a lot. If not to the point of bubble-wrapping everything and everyone. Faith is the confidence that "there's more!" God is just on the other side of the Cross. While being offensive or harmful is not the vocation of a follower of Christ, I think being scary is. That is, scary as in not rushing to cocoon oneself or others in near term safety if not inertia.


God is scary. He asks a lot and, most days, I feel I am not up to the trip. Is my trust enough to overcome my fears? If not, I remain unwhole. Our churches should be safe havens AND risk encouragers. We should comfort in the sense of caring as well as comfort as in the case of fortifying our neighbors to face their fears (with God.)


How safe will you be today? There's more!

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