Thursday, February 17, 2011


Dear God, when I speak, let my words be the truth. Hold me accountable to the things I say. Amen.  Ruth Perkins Lee


These were the prayers of today's devotion from Ruth Perkins Lee on She had reflected on this past Sunday's Gospel where Jesus tells us to let our "Yes" and "No" stand for something.


I try to deliver on every promise I make. While I do not succeed every time, I do most times. You can count on me when I say I will do something.


Community unravels when people promise and don't deliver. We have heard all sorts of excuses to a point where getting an excuse is the norm. Both living in community and doing our part takes personal sacrifice. It is worth it. Jesus thinks so as well.


I sometimes think we have changed into an "I promise" (wink-wink, I don't mean it) world where we have no idea who means what and where a very few people wind up the recipients of all the collateral damage.


When you speak, do you do your part? Do you keep your word and follow through even if a better offer comes up? Do you ask others to be accountable? Our word is the glue that makes community the life force it can be.

Practice integrity. Say it and mean it. Don't let your sister or brother down.

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