Monday, February 21, 2011


What would happen if we just stopped? Stopped saying "Yes" to everything for fear of missing out or offending? Stopped doing things that once gave us life but no longer serve that purpose? Stopped doing really important things because we know that no one will continue them? Stopped staying busy for fear we might have to face a demon from our past or present and deal with it?


What could happen is that you rediscover yourself and the beauty of flexibility and endeavors that are life-giving. You could heal from hurts that will not go away till you deal with them. You could return to human BEing instead of the alien human DOing.


God tells Elijah that he is often found in the sound of sheer silence (stillness.) Jesus found the value of "getting away." Imagine Jesus saying he was too busy. He didn't even heal or care for everyone in Israel.


As Lent approaches, I hope you will find a way to divest, unplug or withdraw. Give yourself, family, friends, God – more time: without being or needing a cruise director. Ask God to handle your part of the universe while you lay off for a bit.


Just so you know, I am considering a dawn to dusk fast for Lent. I want to be available. I am still praying.

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  1. I hear in this post the psalmist, "Be still and know that I am God" (Ps. 46:10). That, for me, is central not just to the Season of Lent but the Christian life. You have called us to a deeper interiority, the only place we ever find peace, reconcile relationships, and transform lives.

    Peace, Mike+