Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Recently, Seth Godin spoke of asymmetric gifts in his blog. This is the truest form of gift, one where there is no expectation of a return favor. It is strange that we have evolved to a place in society where the word "gift" often implies "there's a catch" or "I hope you will reciprocate". "Gift" often needs the word "Free" before it. It shouldn't.


My dad was the freest giver of gifts I knew. If someone came to the house and appreciated something, they would leave with it as a gift. He went to local aircraft factories and bought big drums of mixed hardware (nuts, screws, washers) and filled a coffee can (they had them then) to give to every person who visited or moved into town.


God gives us the gifts of love, grace, hope, forgiveness. God's gifts are asymmetrical. Give some asymmetrical gifts today. After all, you are God kid.

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