Monday, February 28, 2011


Steamotive folded with all my paychecks. I came to work after having just moved to Phoenix for a new job. My morning work routine was interrupted by an IRS tape across all the business doors. I was not surprised. My first two checks had bounced and bounced again when I sent them through again. I could not understand why anyone would offer me a job knowing the business was insolvent. I gave up a job to move in the 118 degree heat. The owner was a family acquaintance.


A number of angered employees (with much more tenure) asked me to join them in legally pursuing the owner. They may not forgive him but could at least attempt to get him for all he was worth. I have no idea how they faired.


I chose to move on. And to forgive. Forgiving means "you truly took something from me but I now cancel the debt." Forgiveness may or may not let others off the hook but it ALWAYS lets us off the hook. Life will not and cannot go on until we forgive. God is a God of forgiveness.


I meet too many people who are holding onto old "debts" (you stole my money, my reputation, my job, my virginity, my time, my child, my innocence.) They display anger and/or depression. They often self-medicate (instead of examining the source of their feelings and forgiving) by shopping, eating, drinking, and hyper busyness. They blame someone or something close by (spouse, job, and current circumstances.) None can take the place of forgiveness, which ultimately does give the relief sought.


Forgiving does not mean "it didn't hurt" or "it was okay" or "I can trust you again." It means I cancel your real debt to me.


Forgive today. Help others to forgive. Forgiving is to meet God face-to-face.

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