Sunday, February 13, 2011


Borders book stores look like they will file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy tomorrow or the day after. Book selling and reading are changing. Amazon seems to understand that and embraced change, having introduced electronic books with the Kindle. Ditto, Barnes and Noble. Both know there is a place for both physical books and ones made up of electrons.

I love to read. I love the feel of a book. I have always read, even when my eyesight was impaired years ago. Reading enriches life. I also own a Kindle and even read more, mainly due to being able to blow up the font.

I know people will lose jobs, stores will close and all of book-dom will wonder, "What next?"

Change is inevitable. The Second Law of Thermodynamics says this in so many words (or symbols.) Not all change is good. But change is coming. Always.

God is all wrapped up in change. God never changes (God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow) and can be counted on. Yet, God feels for us (which means God can be changed.) God is love. Love is inextricably bound to the one loved. We must change because we are mired in sin. And yet, we are being made perfect through change.

Do you embrace change? Resist it? Will you be passed by in the changes of this world? Are you open to the changes God is encouraging in you? Have you thought which changes are good? Are you prepared?

God does not have bankruptcy in our future. God, bless us through those changes we must endure or should endure and help us to resist those that rob us of life.

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