Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A New Creation

Amy Julia Becker writes in her Beliefnet blog about Inspiration and Transformation. It's good.


Inspiration is a momentary high. It provides a boost, a shot-in-the-arm or encouragement. Inspiration travels in the world of "feelings." We can be "inspired" to noble and ignoble things. Presumably, if you are reading this, you strive for the noble and, at times, fall prey to the ignoble. We all need inspiration. But, as Jesus points out on the Mount of Transfiguration, it is no place to dwell. It is the microwave of faith.


Transformation is a process of changing from the inside out. It is slower and more deliberate. It often goes unnoticed until we "look back." That is, only upon reflection, do we become aware that we are a different person than we once were. Transformation hangs out with the thoughts we embrace (as opposed to merely thoughts we think and are inspired by.) Paul claims we are transformed by the renewal of our minds (thoughts - Romans 12.) Transformation is more the crock pot of spiritual life. It cannot (and should not) be rushed.


I want to add two more to the list, Reflection and Perspiration.  Transformation does not occur without reflection upon things, especially upon moments of inspiration. Why does this move me? Where will this move me to? Was Jesus moved by the same thing? What itch does this inspiration scratch? Is it a good one? What's going on?


Transformation needs perspiration was well. We must act in our daily life upon the new insight we gain. Just thinking it yields no better results than just feeling it. Collecting thoughts does not transform. Transformation is a product of inspiration, reflection and perspiration we employ.


How is your transformation project coming? God is eager to help. A new creation awaits.

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