Monday, February 14, 2011


Christine and I drove into Burlington, Vermont late in on Friday evening. Being young, we had made no reservations because we did not know where we would stop along the away. Just seemed like fun. There was a convention. Oh, and lots of snow. No room in the inn. We had to backtrack for an hour and wake up a guy (it was late) to get his last room.


In the morning, we took off, again with not particular destination. We decided to take the ferry across Lake Champlain to go to Lake Placid. It was a tiny, 4 car deal. As we waited, about 10th in line, we saw a young man with a garment bag asking people to roll down thier windows. No pedestrians were allowed on the ferry.


The first nine cars nodded, "No" to him. He got to us. Seems that he was getting married and his bride to be had this idyllic wedding planned in snow-dusted Lake Placid. He had flown into New York City, caught a plane to Burlington. After circling forever, his plane was finally cleared to land. Arriving late in a snow-covered, convention packed town, his rental car was "taken." He wanted to hitch a ride across the lake with someone. We agreed. And talked during our wait.


Upon getting to the other side, we decided to take him all the way to the wedding. After all, we were going where life led us. A year later, we would sell what we owned and pack everything in a 1971 Toyota and take off west, with no destination (and little money) in mind. A month later, we had traveled to the Pacific and back, winding up sleeping in the living room of a mutual friend (and three other guys) in Boulder, Colorado: our new home.


Maybe the Spirit did not lead us. Christine and I began a new life that we believe was the Spirit's doing. Where in the comfort of your routine is there space for the Spirit? There is an adventure in your life. God's adventure. Don't miss it.

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