Tuesday, March 8, 2011


for dust you are and to dust you will return Genesis 3:19b


God, thanks for showing pastoral sensitivity and cushioning the blow!


Yet, it is the truth. God made dust, not me. God blew life into dust, not me. God has numbered my days, not me. I will become dust again.


I am in control! (pause here for irony to set in)


Ash Wednesday is the day we remind ourselves that we are not God and we have done a pretty crappy job of attempting to be God.  God tells us that to be loved is more important than to be God.


When I play God, I slowly squeeze the life out of people and events. Grind them into dust if you will. When I love, God working in me can even raise things long thought to be dead.


I hope your Lent is directed by sacrificial love and your disciple of love transforms you.

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