Sunday, March 13, 2011


Not clergy's favorite day. Another time change Sunday down. Maybe 5-6 more before retirement. This year, it was the beginning of Spring Break as well. Clergy know there will be three "low energy" (and attendance days) a year: the Sundays after "springing" forward, Easter and Christmas. Just not fun days for clergy when so many take off.


The First Sunday of Lent, Jesus took off as well. He did not escape. He took of to the wilderness to test and strengthen his relationship with God. To be tempted to ditch God for quick relief and quick fame.


The wilderness is really any place we are tested and tempted. Illness, financial strife, unemployment, addiction, family conflict, work pressure, any loss and even some gains. The temptation is to escape rather than face it. Jesus faced it.


The wilderness is always a place of danger. Will we strengthen our relationship with God? Will we lean on God in our weakness? Will we be drawn away by the glitter of the big promises  and quick fixes of the world?


Make this a Holy Lent. Test yourself by leaning on God more and comfort less. Know that God is anxiously awaiting you to call on him. God is dependable. Test it. There is more to you than you know.

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