Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Who is Your Audience?

I like audience approval. I know when they are hanging on every word and, alas, I know when I have lost them. In our self-esteem culture, audience approval is much sought after.


Sometimes, we do dumb things in order to seek the approval of our peers. Most of mine included moving parts and alcohol.


Sometimes, we misbehave or pout in order that the audience pay more attention to us. I hit a low spot in seminary where I had a period of "look at me," especially when others were recognized.


Sometimes, we live wounded and the audience we haven't forgiven is not longer present.  Four years of therapy helped me to forgive.


Sometimes, we work our butts off to appease the audience inside. Pieces of calligraphied paper, plaques and press clippings were the food of my early career even as my family suffered.


The only audience that truly matters is God. All other audiences have mixed agendas. Most do not mean harm but our well-being is not their ultimate goal. No one is completely selfless.


God loves you. Period. Get over it. If you do nothing. When you fail. Even when you show off and get shown up. God just enjoys you. Please God. Life blooms.


What would you do differently if the only audience that mattered was God? And he was already pleased.

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