Monday, March 14, 2011


Are you right? Is it important that you are right? In 43 years of marriage and 25 years of listening to people as a priest, it seems being right is very important. Being right seems so noble, so superior. "I know my rights" is as American as apple pie.


Jesus seemed uninformed about his rights. The truth is, he waived his rights in heaven (Philippians 2.) "Rights" were not in his vocabulary. Love was.


I notice when people claim their rights, relationships often suffer. Maybe that's why Jesus avoided exercising them. After all, he was God and we were not carrying on well. When I exercise my rights, I usually have decided I want to impose my will and "get it over with" rather than mutually work things out.


Jesus spoke of love, the prime element of life-giving relationships. Love builds up. Love is a lifestyle where what's best for the subject of our affection is more a concern than our rights.


What will dominate your week? Love or rights? Love wins.

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