Wednesday, March 9, 2011


As Lent begins, I want to encourage you to stop looking for God.








No, I mean it. The Bible is all about God poking us, interrupting our lives, speaking out of turn, challenging us, making us stand in the corner, being humored by us, devastated by us, making  audacious requests of us. We may hide from God (Adam and Eve.) We may jettison God for conventional wisdom (Samuel searching for a king.) We may complain to God (lots- throw a dart at a Psalm.) We may "honor" God if he will do us a favor (Jacob.) We may even feel like giving God advice (Job or Abraham.) We really don't do much searching for God. We search for relief.


And that's okay. God is on it. In fact all over it. What we really need to do this Lent is to



                    stop  (no really)



Let the noise of our lives die down for a moment. God's already shown up, he just cannot get a word in edgewise. If we really look at it, much of our "noise" we put there because we do not want to be reminded that "we are dust and to dust we shall return." What we are looking for is mostly anything but God. Something (someone) to dull the pain of uncertainty and lack of control. Yet only God has overcome the World.


Today, before you (and I) pig out on busyness, have dessert first.




                                                                    stop, God's there.

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