Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Somewhere, about 200 miles out of Farmington, NM, I stopped. I was on my way to a drill rig inside Bryce Canyon National Park. Snow. I had to chain-up the car to go any further. Before I returned to the warmth of my Ford Torino company piece-of-junk (120,000 miles of dirt roads,) I stopped and looked at the night sky. Stars. Lots of them. Where were you hiding?


The night sky looks much different in the middle of no where. Without the interference of city lights, more, smaller, weaker stars show up. It is almost as if they appeared out of thin air. Truth is, they were always there. I just was hindered in seeing them.


God tells us that he is up to things all around us. He is building a new word. He is operating in a new reality. Question is, will we see it or are we blinded by the glare of our crammed lives? There is beauty in the glitter of this world but it pales compared to the reality behind it. We need both.


Stop and see what God sees. It is beautiful. If you cannot see it, trust it is there. It will appear, even if briefly.

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